Visioning & Strategy Package

Donna Amos, Colleen McGunnigle

A Special Message from Col:

Clients ask me all the time: "Are you a coach?"

They tell me my support goes way beyond graphic design. I'm passionate about my clients and what makes their heart sing. When co-creating with you, I feel as enthusiastic about your project as I would my very own ... plus I choose only clients who I feel a deep connection with.

I guess that's why my support and encouragement bubbles over into "Are you a coach?" territory. If someone comes to me just a *hair* before all of their ducks are in a row, I can't help but provide additional guidance, inspiration and whatever else they may need.

I want you to THRIVE!

It's a blessing to create engaging and effective imagery for you, which radiates the spirit of YOU and your work in the world. And it's my deepest desire that you continue to blossom, to connect with your favorite clients and to feel joyful about your business long after our co-creative journey is complete.

My clients are important to me so I'll check on you from time to time after we're finished with our work together. I want you to be successful beyond belief and to have all of your big dreams come true ... so our work together needs to be not only inspired but also guided and grounded.

Building the groundwork before I begin my work is essential. So is what you do after our project is complete. For these reasons, I wanted to create a package to support you even more than a traditional graphic design project would.

If you like ME, you'll LOVE Donna!

The best person to join me in manifesting this intention is Donna Amos, the savvy, caring coach who helped me with my own business at a time when I was in transition. For 15 years I had built my beloved design business and I suppose you would have called me "successful" ... but I had never taken the time to build the foundation.

So there were holes. I could *feel* the holes. I would trip on one from time to time but I couldn't see where they were until I fell right in! And you can't feel your radiant best or do your most beautiful work for your oh-so-amazing clients when you're going around falling into holes now, can you?

Will YOU have holes too?

Not if Donna and I have anything to say about it! Donna has a secure grip on each element of running a thriving business. She guides you in step-by-step order, customizing each piece to suit your personality and your specific business intentions. Moving through her clarifying process is reassuring ... You begin to feel the ground beneath you as you put together the pieces of your vision and strategy one by one.

My intention in offering our Visioning & Strategy Package is to build a firm foundation ... exploring, crafting and grounding five essential elements, enabling me to do my best work for you ... and guiding you as you go out into the world once our project is complete. This way you'll be truly ready for the brilliance that awaits you.

You will receive ...

1. Pre-Paving and Building Your Foundation: Five Visioning and Grounding Sessions with Business, Sales & Marketing Coach Donna Amos

Explore and clarify your vision as well as your "who, what, how" and marketing strategy – get crystal clear and set a strong foundation. With 25 years of experience coaching entrepreneurs to become successful business owners, Donna becomes your beloved guide and advisor as you explore and clarify each of these elements:

  • Vision (big picture overview- craft what you want this business or product to look like)
  • Who (focus in on your target market / ideal client)
  • What (identify what problem you solve for them)
  • How (define how you deliver the solution)
  • Marketing train (choose which active, passive and follow-up strategies will work best for you)
  • Result: Your Business Vision & Strategy. This document provides a grounded framework, energizing your intentions and providing clear details both for you and for anyone who will help you moving forward.

2. Moving Forward: Muse Infusion Session
with Award-Winning Designer Colleen McGunnigle

Need a boost of support and inspiration? Want to brainstorm? Need new questions answered? Use your 50-minute Muse Infusion session with me whenever you choose as you move through the next year, in whatever way would most support you. Find out more about my Muse Infusion sessions here.

"How does this fit in with our design work?"

There are two ways to use our Visioning & Strategy Package ...

  • Added to any design project: This package is the perfect complement to any design project, providing the groundwork for our work together, a clear plan of action for your marketing as you move forward and an extra does of support after our journey is complete.
  • Independent of a design project: If you need clarity, support and a solid plan, please feel free to book this package separately, regardless of whether or not a design project is in the works.

"What can I expect my results to be?"

Clients who have worked with Donna and me as a team share that it's a uniquely empowering and transformational experience. They say we've given them peace of mind, making them feel even more clear and enthusiastic about their work in the world.

They now have clarity about their vision and message. They have a plan and they know what to do. They have the foundation and the tools to convey their message in a strong, consistent, compelling and engaging way. This clarity and consistency instills confidence which can't help but attract ideal clients and situations.

This is our wish for you. Come join us!

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Graphic Designer Colleen McGunnigle


Both Donna and I
look forward to
supporting you, building
a firm foundation
and adding ease
and security
to your path
moving forward!

Colleen McGunnigle



Rave reviews:

Coach Elyse Hope Killoran

Elyse Hope Killoran
Soul-Aligned Business Collaborative

"Col, I am deeply appreciative of your partnership in this journey as we have created something incredibly powerful. I know that the positive energy that you have brought to this project will come back to you tenfold. I do so appreciate your commitment to getting this exactly right as I expect large numbers of people to be receiving a powerful energy infusion while meditating on these images. And I will be sure to sing your praises when I unveil them - you've done such an excellent job in bringing my vision to life!"

Coach Susan Castaneda

Susan Castaneda
Equine Alchemy Southwest

"With flair and panache, Colleen offered a model of attracting and engaging with potential clients in which I could exist in a state of grace. Her quiet, yet powerful intuition led me to my own Truth ... my authentic Purpose. Through my connection with Colleen, I have been able to relinquish limiting patterns and beliefs, explore how I might connect with my authentic self and power, and translate those experiences into what I offer to my clients. Part of me was being reborn, and Colleen accompanied me, sharing her artistic and intuitive wisdom with me on my journey from the past to a brave new world.

Working with Colleen to bring authenticity to my message has been more than logo and web design; it has been a journey into my deepest self, led by a visionary, herself bold, warm and intuitive. Colleen set in motion a new way of Being by inviting me to engage, to connect, to reach for the moon — and by creating a sacred space of possibility, she inspired a belief that I could do it.

Colleen embodies
a sacred space of possibility.

Coach Mary-Elizabeth HarmonMary-Elizabeth Harmon

"Before coming to you, I was both a little nervous and excited about my business - I had a sense of my direction, but I just couldn't bring myself to really get focused because I knew that something wasn't fully lined up. It must have been all of our laughter or something, but something clicked into place with you.

Now, I have the missing piece to get my tail into gear and get moving! What peace of mind to get unstuck. I was starting to get a little worried that something was amiss in my business. But now, not only am I excited, I am directed. What power. Thank you.

I also want to thank you for sharing resources and strategy ideas. You have given me things to chew on for many days, and you can count on me to get in touch if I get stuck down the road. I am curious to see where our story will go because I know it will not end just because this phase of coaching is over.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.