My clients inspire me.

Bringing your vision to life with imagery that sings to the soul and inspires your ideal clients to connect with you is a joy.

People often say, “It’s like you went inside my head and pulled out what I was trying to show, only more bright and beautiful than I ever could have imagined!”

I specialize in the art of attraction.

The imagery which represents you, when done right, can be an incredibly powerful way of drawing ideal matches to you: people you LOVE working with … people you LOOK FORWARD to supporting … people who it’s a JOY doing business with.

I know because I’ve been attracting ideal clients for years. I can help you do the same.

When someone arrives at your web site, picks up your book or receives your business card, they develop an instant impression of who you are and what it would be like to work with you.

Together, we’ll make sure this instant impression is an accurate reflection of you.

Are we a match?

Could you use a teammate who contributes fresh ideas about how to clearly and beautifully communicate what you have to offer? Do you have a picture in your mind and need a set of artistic hands to bring it to life?

It’s a co-creative process … listening, exchanging ideas, creating inspired art … and like magic, something new and exciting is born. Your vision is now tangible … it has an image, a spirit and a presence.

Let’s get started!

If we’re a great match, I’d love to support you in radiating your energy and attracting your ideal clients.

My goal is to create something special which fully reflects YOU and the message you’d like to share with the world.

Book a complimentary exploratory session and let’s begin your adventure in the art of attraction!


Colleen McGunnigle
Owner, design by muse

designer Colleen McGunnigle

Colleen is a genius! She blends intuition, enthusiasm, and astonishing skill; and she is the kindest and most uplifting person to work with. I'm so glad I found her! 

—  Morgana Rae,
      Financial Alchemy