The Story of Grounded


Grounded — Vibrationally Infused Imagery — “I am with me, my fragments are pulled together into cohesion because I stopped and fell into sync with Earth and Sky by doing nothing. It wasn’t a work of meditation; it was spontaneous connection that stopped Time, even while the Sun rose up to where the Maple and the Oak were arching their blessings over me.”  ― Kat Westcott — Order a deck of inspirational cards:

It began quite unexpectedly many years ago when a precious friend of mine took her own life.

For the longest time I struggled with my feelings around this shocking event. I myself felt excruciatingly devastated and beyond that, my heart wept for her husband. If I were experiencing the sort of intensity of emotion that I was, I couldn’t even begin to imagine what he must have been feeling.

I started going to therapy. My emotions overtook me and at one point I suddenly declared, “I FEEL LIKE LYING DOWN ON THE FLOOR.”

At the time it felt like a strange idea. And I love it that my therapist replied, “Go ahead.”

So I laid down flat on the solid floor.

When I did this, I immediately tuned into a deep sense of groundedness and found some sort of solace in that. It’s difficult to describe but the experience of it was so strong.

”The really, really best way to ground is to have nothing (or as little as possible) between you and the ground/Earth. Go barefoot on the beach or in the grass. Lie on the lawn (keeping your clothes on in most places!) If you are in a building, close your eyes and imagine reaching through the manmade structures into the earth.

Once touching, or connected with the earth, FEEL it. Feel how solid it is. Feel the stability. Feel the support. Feel the nurturing. Feel the resilience. Feel how it absorbs and transforms toxic energies and returns to us a fresh pristine energy. The energy of beginning once again. The earth provides all of these things to physical humans.

Connect with the earth as often as possible, even if only in your mind. Nothing ever separates us from the energy of our earth home, but it is easier for us to feel and understand the connection when we remove physical barriers and allow ourselves to touch and feel through our skin the nature that is earth.”

― Carrie Mayes

Two years ago I went to see a naturopath from California. There were certain remedies she wanted me to take but what stood out most was her suggestion, “You need to get the grass beneath your feet.”

Something in this advice felt wise and True.

Then last year, in addition to the change in my food plan, Dr. Diamond prescribed that I go to the beach three times a week. Again, I sensed deep truth in this that belied the seeming simplicity of the directions.

These days, if I’m feeling intense emotion I will lie face down on the ground, arms outstretched. I realize how absolutely kooky this may sound but the feeling of that expanse of earth so solid beneath my arms and my body is soothing beyond words.

“Yesterday I was watering the garden and became aware of so much tension in my solar plexus. Nothing new, but lately I’ve been aware of the causes and hindrances related to that super-tight, locked-down sense of anxiety in this place that is meant to be my sunny center of trust in the Universe. I learn and I learn, I release and release, and on most days another seemingly paper-thin layer
lifts a corner and starts to peel away as I am blatantly shown yet again that it’s safe to trust — like a kindergartener getting another demonstration of how to tie a shoe—via yet another of the myriad tiny synchronicities and serendipities that grace my days.

But as I was noticing this tightness that is there, it was accompanied by a craving to lie down on my stomach in the grass. It was a strong urge, countered by an almost equally strong curiosity as to what the neighbors would think and whether I could truly relax with that question weighing on my mind. I thought about hugging a private tree in the back woods instead, but realized right away that the idea was a cop out. This was Earth calling me to heal, to lie against her, belly to belly.”

― Kat Westcott

A few days ago my friend Elli sent a video to me. In it, physician Laura Koniver* recommended grounding at least ten minutes a day and described the rationale from a physical standpoint.

Once again, this felt right to me.

So I lie in the sun on the grass or the beach for 20 minutes each day and fully take in the comforting and grounding feeling of connecting to the earth. I envision it pulling out of me and neutralizing pain or anything else that I’d like to release.

There’s something in this for me … and (dare I say?) for all of us …

“As a physician I have done the research and found out some of the scientific explanations for these comforting, grounding, centering and often joyous experiences with the earth.

The earth’s surface is negatively charged, full of free electrons willing and waiting for us. As human beings every single one of us is chock full of free radicals that cause inflammation and damage, causing our bodies to have a net positive charge.

The earth is meant to be a docking station for us, a port we can plug into to receive a head-to-toe, inside and out neutralization of this inflammation. The earth and humans are yin and yang ― just like trees provide oxygen and we provide carbon dioxide, the earth provides negative electrons and we provide positive free radicals and together we live in neutral joyous harmony.”

― Laura Koniver, MD

The following morning, while looking for something entirely different, I stumbled upon an audio by Aleya Dao and it was called Grounding. I knew that an image wanted to be born. So here we are!

“I wonder if the whole world stopped, if people everywhere just stopped, bellies to the ground, how many minutes
would it take to heal?”

― Kat Westcott

* Bonus shot of synchronicity:

As I was writing this, I couldn’t remember who created the video I mentioned, so I had typed “so-and-so” as a placeholder for the doctor’s name in this story.

I did that, then promptly let it go.

When I don’t stress over the hows, don’t chase information, and just allow it all to unfold, before long the info I need is placed right on my lap. Every time.

Although I’ve collected hundreds of quotes over the years, I surprisingly had none about grounding. How unusual! I’m the girl with wise words at the tips of her fingers.

So I wrote a few friends.

Sue responded, not to give me a quote but to say, “Laura Koniver, MD, has a wonderful free ebook about Earthing (grounding) from a physical health perspective.”

For a split second I felt disappointed … No quote.

Later it smacked me in the face DING DING DING DING! That was the answer to the question I had never even asked aloud. Whose video had I just written about and whose name had become the place-holder “so-and-so” because I simply could not remember it? Laura Koniver.


Enjoy the comforting essence of Grounded.

Much love,

Breathing Life into a Dream

"There is something that is uniquely yours to be up to right now ..."  — Bobbye MiddendorfSee the whole collection of Inner Wisdom Cards

I share these cards with the intention that you feel inspired, lifted and transformed … and remember who you truly are … a powerful being and a beautiful gift to this world!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Inner Wisdom Cards

Whenever I read something which inspires me, calls me to grow or lifts me in some way, it’s my nature to create something from it, to ground the message I received.

When creating these cards, I experienced a pure, uplifting and healing energy that erases density and transmutes whatever is going on around me. If I could share this feeling with everyone, I would in a heartbeat because it is pure magic.

This is why I created these cards for you, for me, and for us all.

Details and a Small Sampling

The entire deck consists of 48 Inner Wisdom Cards plus 6 informational cards suggesting various ways you can use the deck for opening to guidance, healing life issues and energetically seeding the future.

Inner Wisdom Cards

See all of the individual cards at

Birth of a Dream

I held this dream in my heart for nearly a decade, to create a deck of inspirational cards to share with the world.

You’ve heard the phrase “set it and forget it” yes? Well this is exactly what I did. I stated my intentions and then dropped all thoughts of how I would reach this dream.

Actually, if I’m being honest, at the time it felt a bit farfetched. After all, didn’t you need to spend a gazillion hours (turns out I spent over a hundred, no lie! That’s what happens when something’s a labor of love) … plus come up with tons of money to order the minimum quantity a printer will agree to run for a custom job like this?

So I enjoyed the delight of this flight of fancy, the notion of creating this custom deck … and set it on the back burner, not really thinking too much about it.

Years later, Elyse Hope Killoran would casually toss out, “Write it down and put it on a card!” when sharing an especially juicy bit of wisdom. Looking back, I’m pretty sure she meant “write it with a pen on an index card” but it must have perked up some seed that had been planted in me. I honestly didn’t even connect it with my dream but I very naturally began making these cards and sharing them with Elyse’s group.

A series of synchronicities and inspired-action steps transpired, a very natural giving and receiving of our talents and energies between Elyse and I. One day I will share these with you too … It’s a pretty interesting tale. But long story short, I suddenly realized, to my surprise, that I had created nearly enough cards for an entire deck.

It was then that I remembered having put my dream out to the universe all those years ago. I have no idea why I didn’t put two and two together as this was evolving but I believe that it had to be this way … The lack of pressure is, for me, essential to creation.

Deep Gratitude

I am so incredibly grateful to YOU for taking the time to read my story and considering joining me … to everyone who’s loved and supported me on this journey … everyone who’s shared what they see in the images and how they’ve been touched, moved or transformed … and everyone who’s encouraged me to bring this dream to life during this last leg, once I realized the dream was here within reach.

For me, a hundred hours of creation is nothing but the last little bit is where I sometimes falter … when I’m nearly about to turn the corner and see the finish line. So thank you to the dear ones who have taken my hand during this last bit and pulled me over the finish line. To say that I love and appreciate you doesn’t at all do justice to what I feel in my heart.

I’d love for you to order your own set of inspirational
Inner Wisdom Cards!

Much love,



PS: My ongoing health adventure has taken me away from my computer screen and graphic design career. Anyone ordering a deck of Inner Wisdom Cards contributes to my treatment fund, and has my infinite love and gratitude.

The Story of Unity

"Exponential time is like dropping a pebble into the pond.   Centrifugal rings ripple out in all directions.  As the rings from me ripple out and, for instance someone else’s rings are rippling out,  as they intersect, it creates alchemy."  —Almine

View the vibrationally infused image Unity.

This week, I was wanting some music. I was going to to create some new imagery to represent various essences we could embody and pulse out.

I googled around to find some audio tracks which were on a deeper level but nothing was speaking to me or feeling meaningful enough. I said to myself, “I wish that I knew the composer so I could discern whether their intentions were in alignment with mine.”

It felt important that the person were mindful of the energy they were putting out into the world because my artwork is intended for that purpose.

Mere moments later, David Hykes, who I had done a few Harmonic Presence sessions with, e-mailed me completely randomly and absolutely out of the blue, to share with me a link to what I would call an absolute *abundance* of his toning music, meditations and audios.

It is *wild* to me that, without knowing my intention or my “call to the universe / God / spirit / whatever name you like to use,” he instantly honored my request without being aware that I had even made such a request.

“Isn’t life grand?” comes to me, as I channel somebody’s great grandmother!  😉

I was listening to “Unity Meditation” from David Hykes’ album Harmonic Meditations as I welcomed the vibrationally infused image Unity to the world. I am truly blessed.

“We are birthing a new way of living. We are immovably still … sending standing waveforms of influence … the way a pebble drops into a pond. It forms an activation into the field around you bringing actualization into the field of possibilities.”

Much love,


Birth of an Image

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” —Mary Oliver

Discover more Inner Wisdom Cards.

A friend once asked, “How do you create these images?”

I realized as I sat with the question that it is so difficult to put words to what I do since it’s such a flowing and intuitive process.

It’s in my heart and my soul to create these.
To me, it’s like breathing.

Years ago I created from scratch an image that looked like water, a flowing ocean, and my boyfriend asked me to teach him how I did it.

I could not.

The next day I sat down to create, making notes of each step I took, so I could then share it with him and it would be repeatable … but it wound up being counterproductive.

Minding and marking each step, I could no longer create. Turns out, emptying the mind of thought and following spirit were essential to my creative process.

Who knew!

Back then I thought it was “bad” that I could not describe what I had done but I now see it as a gift. When this occurs, it’s a sign that I was in spirit and truly immersed in the process, following what was being called forth from me.

These days I bask in the sounds and essences of the concept that’s inspiring me to create and simply follow the energy, doing whatever comes to me to be done. I use a variety of techniques which span centuries, a merging of old and new.

My work is an amalgam …
a blending of tools and processes.

I’m a classically trained artist so in my toolbox are the skills of drawing and painting and all of the traditional ways of bringing imagery to life.

Ten years after receiving my BA in fine art, I went on to study graphic design for four additional years at Parsons School of Design, adding to my toolbox the skills of generating object-oriented, mathematical vector art and painting with digital airbrushes and fractals and many other things, too many to name.

I’ve been doing this since 1989 so I’ve gathered an awful lot of tools! I use all of these skills in the imagery I create and it’s just intuitive, which technique to use in which moment.

Creating imagery, whether traditional or digital … or my vibrationally infused images which are a hybrid of techniques … always feels so joyful to me.

No matter where I begin or how it evolves, the imagery almost always eventually winds up on my computer screen. Mark Humphrey calls it Digital Mixed Media and that description feels right to me.

Even if I’m creating purely fine art, I’m still blessed to have learned the skills of a graphic designer because I know how to translate the imagery I create to a web site where I can share it more freely and where someone can choose a special piece to hang in their space.

Years ago, you’d buy a framed piece from the wall of a gallery. Today, the world is our gallery!

More than anything, how I create art is to immerse myself
in the energy of an idea and then to follow spirit.

Creating, for me, is an opening and a following inspired action and a delight in what evolves into being. It’s pure joy and love and light and energy.

I hope that you feel this when you view my work.

Sending you much love and thanking you for taking an interest in my process.

PS: Join me in bringing a dream to life and
order your own set of inspirational Inner Wisdom Cards
created from my vibrationally infused images.


Ugly Drinks and Dynamic Laws of Healing

Ugliest Drink I've Ever Loved

“Only good shall come from this.”
–Catherine Ponder

Cheers to the ugliest drink I’ve ever loved … Baby spinach ‘n strawberry smoothie, you have my heart!

I’m totally good emotionally yet have been playing hostess to some interesting visitors who just rolled into town unexpectedly this week …

Welcome, pain in my hip that feels like I’m a voodoo doll being stuck with an ice pick and buckles my knee at random intervals … I’ve met you before … Welcome back!

And my newest visitor, pain in my jaw which makes it hurt to eat or talk.

Upon meeting my latest guests, first I slept ‘n slept ‘n slept (which always seems to help in some weird way!)

I woke to realize the pain in my jaw occurred any time I attempted to chew, so I promptly decided the universe wanted me to have a beautiful Ninja blender and to drink green smoothies from cute little heart straws. This felt delightful!

As all superfantastic ideas should!

Thank you, universe!

Right after this began, Marigrace blessed me with a visit. I’m tellin’ ya, there was magic in the room as she read to me from the book Mario suggested I get, The Dynamic Laws of Healing by Catherine Ponder.

I had to love him for adding, “If your brain is giving you trouble reading, see if you can find an audio version.” How did he know? Moments of somebody getting it without even being prompted are so welcome and like a great big hug and instant connection.

Big gratitude for that and for this book, which it turns out, I ADORE! I sorta knew I would. It’s all about the spiritual laws of healing and how healing power is inside each of us, which I believe.

As I heard Marigrace’s soothing voice and the words flowed over me, I felt my heart opening more and more and this sense of radiant hopefulness surrounded me in a warm embrace.

The Dynamic Laws of Healing: Intro


Above I’m sharing with you the intro to this magical book, read for me (and for us all!) by the beautiful Marigrace Dineen …

Hugs and big love to her … and to YOU!




“Lost” Loved Ones


Flowers for loved ones

Sue ElliottThis article comes from the heart of my beautiful friend Sue Elliott, Founder of Law of Attraction Magazine. Sue says … 

During the holidays, many of us become acutely aware of “lost” loved ones — family members, friends and colleagues who are no longer with us in physical form. So, instead of experiencing the holidays as a fun and festive time of year, we wind up feeling sad, lonely or even overwhelmed by a sense of grief and loss.

I understand.

And yet, I know with every fiber of my being that life is eternal. Those loved ones who are no longer in their physical bodies are not gone. They are simply not here in the same way that they were before.

We can’t hug or hold them. But we can experience them here with us. The thing is: First, we have to surrender our grief and sadness.

Now, I’m not saying that you must surrender your grief and sadness and sense of loss. This is not about me telling you what to do! You’re welcome to hang onto those feelings — or any other feelings — if you choose.

But here’s the thing: It turns out that those feelings of grief and sadness and loss actually prevent us from feeling the presence of people who have left their physical bodies.

And yet, even though we can’t feel them at the time, their loving presence is still with us … in spirit. They truly are right here … with us.

Of course, they’re not with us in the same way they once were. But we can feel their joy and their appreciation and their love in our lives, if we choose to allow them in.

So, how do we do that?

Here’s one very simple, very effective approach. It’s easiest to focus on one person at a time while you’re doing this.

  1. Begin by feeling grateful for the time you spent with this person, physically. Remember how much you enjoyed having this person in your life.
  2. Now bring up some of your favorite memories together. Can you remember how your loved one felt or smelled or sounded?
    Doing this usually helps you to feel better right away, because you’ve shifted your focus. You’re no longer focused on the lack of this person. You are now focused on appreciation for — and connection with — this person.
  3. So, now that you are feeling appreciation for and connection with this person, simply invite your loved one to join you in experiencing the holidays this year.

And then you can expect this to happen: As you go about your days, you’ll be reminded of your loved one. You may hear his favorite Christmas carols or smell cookies that remind you of her.

In fact, I’m sure this has already been happening in your life. But, up until now, you’ve been allowing those reminders to trigger feelings of sadness, grief and loss.

Now, you can experience those reminders differently. In fact, you can experience them as what they have been all along: You can experience them as “nudges” (or “virtual hugs”) from your loved one. You can experience them as signs that your loved one is thinking of you … and is there … reaching out to connect with you.

When you recognize this in the moment, you can use this reminder as an opportunity to reconnect with those favorite memories and feelings of appreciation for your loved one.

And you’ll be amazed at what happens next: Feelings of love and appreciation and joy will fill your body, your mind and your heart. Your loved one will be right there, sharing the moment with you, and it will feel exquisite!

This is the profound gift that comes from surrendering your sadness, grief and loss, then inviting and allowing “lost” loved ones to share the holidays with you.

A gift for you: Wouldn’t you love to feel more ease, peace and genuine joy this holiday season? Sue is offering, for free, a special gift of 8 audios to release your “gunk” around family, food, crowds, shopping, parties, giving and receiving. Enjoy Heartfelt Holidays!

This article, ‘Lost’ Loved Ones, is syndicated from and is posted here with permission.

Dancing in the Rain

Wall art: "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass ... It's learning to dance in the rain."

“Life is a highway – I want to ride it all night long …”
—Tom Cochrane

Note to reader-friends: What’s to come is not a so-called “bad” story … so lift yourself to a level high above and view it from a heart-smile place. Are you smiling? Yeah yeah, there, now you have it!

Ok, read on …

Everything that happens is actually happening not to me but for me, presenting me with plenty of opportunities to grow. The growth is coming fast ‘n furious ’round here so look out world!

Last weekend I went to a wedding with Gary. It was a beautiful thing. The groom was Jewish and the bride Latina so it was a celebration of diverse elements coming together in this uniquely beautiful blend.

I chose, in an unusual move, to take pain killers so I would be able to attend fully present, accepting the fact that I might later suffer the consequences of that decision.

Again, note to you, my precious friend … This is not bad and I know what some of you may be thinking, “She set herself up for failure! She thought she would have consequences and so she did!” (See how I can read your mind like that? 😉 )

Not so, dear friend. This was not failure and nothing is bad. I simply looked at the options and chose what felt to be the lightest choice, knowing all was well within my heart and that I was ok with the various possible outcomes.

I was fine with it then as I  attended the wedding and I was fine with it later, during the days I spent in bed, my body reminding me, “I told ya to lie down, silly girl!”

A perfect life does not = no pain and vice versa. That’s not what this whole ride is about, assessing what’s so-called “wrong” and getting rid of it. My body talking to me is not wrong, it’s a gift.

Typically I do not take pain killers, knowing that what works for me is to listen and honor my body’s cues to “go play” or “slow down and rest.” Riding the waves in that way works for me. This time I chose differently and that was ok too.

Wedding, Glen Cove Mansion

Back to the wedding.

I love to move it, move it 😉 . I used to dance the night away.

That’s no figure of speech, that is literally what I always did. The energy of the music ran through me and I used to dance endlessly for hours. I remember at the time wondering how it was possible, hours of action with absolutely no sense of tiring out … something about the music carried me and put me in Energizer Bunny mode.

Years ago, an ex-boyfriend used to hand me over to his friends, “Dance with her, she’s good!” I dated a salsa instructor and he used to praise my rhythm. We twirled and twirled around the floor and it was brilliant! As we swirled by, another couple commented, “Hey, you guys should be on Dancing with the Stars!” (Yeah, ‘cept that we’re not “stars” so there’s that. 😉 )

This time was different. Mid-way through a Latin beat, I realized, “This is exhausting!” My body was feelin’ it (ouch!) and we weren’t even one song into the experience. I was a whole different dancer now.

It’s ok, just something to notice.

Flash forward to my friend Michelle’s birthday. Once again, I was feelin’ pain on the way there. When I arrived, I was toying with the idea of giving her her gift and then bowing out gracefully to go lie down by the water for a bit. It was a beautiful sunny day. That could be nice.

There was a live band and the girls were drinking rum buckets and dancing around. Judgment Alert: The thought “party pooper” crossed my mind. I said, “I may leave cuz I need some things that you guys don’t and that’s not fair to you. I don’t want you to feel bad, ok? It’s totally totally alright.”

“What do you need?” she asked.

“Well, first off, I need to sit down.”

She found me a place to sit right next to where they were dancing, on a cushion on this big tall barrel of some sort so I was right up there with them, right in the action only sitting.

Ok, this could work.

Welp, I had a little transformational experience atop that barrel.

At first I allowed it to be alright that I was just sitting bouncing to the music on a barrel rather than dancing.

This first step felt innately ok.

Next, I realized it hurt even to bounce. My body just literally wanted to rest. Period, end of story.

But, but … If you were not dancing but were merely sitting on top of a barrel, you at least needed to be bouncing … Right?

I chose to allow it to be ok to sit and not bounce.

I watched everyone dancing and what fun it all was and I smiled. There was this guy moving around with his girl and he was the best dancer. He had not one ounce of rhythm and he was bouncing around and hugging her and singing a line from time to time. He was the best dancer ever.

Well next my eyes wanted to close. My head was hurting and my eyes wanted to be closed.

Omg, if you were just sitting on a barrel and not even bouncing, maybe in some godforsaken part of the Universe that might possibly, possibly be ok but omg, you could not not do any of those things and then, what? Close your eyes?? Oh no. This was definitely not ok.

But the sun was warm and beautiful and I chose to allow it to be ok to close my eyes.

And then I heard this:

“You can have peace whenever you want it,
wherever you want it.”

I smiled and closed my eyes and let the sun rest on my face and the music swirled all around me. I love live music.

I looked up and could swear I saw the guitarist smile at me. I didn’t feel like a party pooper at all. I felt like a girl who was just being. A girl who was just doin’ her thing, whatever felt right in that moment.

Michelle, Col and everybody toasting

I noticed a woman in a wheelchair, radiantly cheerful, dressed in bright clothes, with a rum punch on a stick she had attached to her chair.

How cool that she’s here.

How cool that I’m here.

Being. Just being.

I love it.

Here’s the song that was playing when I had my transformational experience. I had no idea the lyrics held so much meaning but listen to that! Beautiful synchronicity strikes again!

We create our own reality? Oh yes, I’m still a believer.

It’s just that I no longer believe in right or wrong, good or bad.

I no longer believe that I need to deem Plan A “best for me”
and run around in dogged pursuit of Plan A.

The reality I’m creating is one where I look at what’s in front of me
and decide how I choose to dance with it.

The reality I’m creating is one where I’m just a girl,
sitting on a barrel, the sun on my face, music all around me,
enjoying the hell outa just BEing.

“There’s a world outside every darkened door
Where blues won’t haunt you anymore
Where the brave are free and lovers soar
Come ride with me to the distant shore”
—Tom Cochrane

Love and hugs and fluffy bunnies,

Turning It Around

Life begins where fear ends —Osho

“An unquestioned mind is the only suffering.”
—Byron Katie

Thought appears:
“The pain is incessant.”

Is that true?

“No. Actually, the pain feels incessant, with pockets of relief.”
(Notice that feels better, remembering that there are pockets of relief.)

How do you feel when you think that thought, “The pain is incessant”?


Who would you be without that thought?

“Free. Resting when I feel pain, dancing with life when I feel relief.”

Turn it around …

“The pain is not incessant.”
or the more creative turnaround (a-la-Sue-Elliot)
“Relief is incessant, with pockets of pain.”
(Aaah yes, now that one makes me laugh. Laughing is good.)

“No one can give you freedom but you.”
—Byron Katie

Finding freedom in this way is called “doing The Work.”

Listen to Ann, Sue and me, as we use The Work of Byron Katie to dissipate the fearful thought “I won’t be able to relax” (fear of something in the future … in this case, a fear of spiders) … with laughter, as always!

Watch Katie doing The Work on fear, below. At first it may seem odd but stick with it— It brings relief.


  • Find out more about The Work in The Little Book. It’s an easy read!
  • Download the worksheets below to turn around your thoughts on:
    Others or Your Body or Your Beliefs
  • Dive into one of these life-changing books …

Splashing into Plan B

Aqueous painting by Margaret Lazzari -

On the train ride to Your Perfect Life, didja ever glance out the window, shocked to find yourself surrounded by completely unfamiliar scenery?

My friend Maureen calls this Plan B.

As in … “What the heck am I doin’ over here? I am preeeet-ty sure I was supposed to be way the heck over there, for the love of Pete!”

(“For the love of Pete?” … Am I channeling somebody’s grandma now? 😉 )

Back to our tale.

So we’re here when we thought we’d be there. Well, ok, so what do we do with that? If we’re gonna be over here anyway …

Why not hold our noses
and do a cannonball into the water?

Here’s what that looks like:

Take a look around. What’s the scenery like ’round here? What cool new and unexpected things are here just waiting for you to explore?

Did I expect to be dancing with illness? Uh, not really! THAT was not in the master plan! (Or maybe it was! 😉 )

And although I’m happy to say I still design joyful, beautiful and magical things, this one little wrinkle certainly does change a lot of what life looks like these days.

But guess what? Here I am and because I am here, I was prompted to find a meditation program that absolutely soothes my mind.

I was encouraged to explore all sorts of healthy new foods that I assure you would NEVER have wound up on my cookie-dough-lovin’ plate! And I am having an absolute blast with that.

I woulda never been inspired to romp with my utterly brilliant and wisdom-infused friends, bringing us all on a Magical Medical Mystery Tour.

Or to discover what an absolute joy it is, painting with friends.

So I say to you this …

Ok, so you’re not there, you’re here. As long as you’re here, y’may as well enjoy the ride. Take a look around. What unexpected new things are here to play with, to explore and enjoy?

  • So you find yourself unexpectedly single at the age of forty-whatever. What things can you do with this newfound freedom that you never woulda been able to do if you were linked up in the committed bliss you had dreamt of? (And hey, is everyone who’s in a relationship really in the state of bliss you imagine it to be anyway?) What can you now enjoy as your single self?
  • Or maybe you’re in a relationship but not the one you had planned. What’s special about this person and what fun can be had together, right here where you are?
  • So you now live with family rather than out on your own. Can you build a better relationship with them, enjoy old-style family dinners … or what other magic can you create?
  • “At the age of (fill-in-the-blank), I should be (fill-in-the-blank) and livin’ large!” Maybe you are living large, just in a brand new way. Or you could be livin’ large if you just agreed that here you are, you may as well play!

I encourage you to jump right in and splash around a bit.
What does the universe have in store for you,
to surprise and delight you,
hidden in the sparkling waters of Plan B?

John Lennon cannonballs into the pool

Look at all the fun John, Paul and Ringo are having! Special thanks to my beautiful friends … Especially to Sue, for the invitation to splash around and for always encouraging me not to make things “such a big hairy deal” 😉  To Pj, for her willingness to process things with me on a moment’s notice. To Elyse, for her awe-inspiring wisdom, continual support and for bringing these amazing beings into my world. To Gary, for always being there for me through thick and thin. And to Maureen, for taking on the challenge to hold hands and just jump on in! 

Body Talk

Scared M&M guy

These symptoms are so cray-cray! In addition to the other stuff, my heart has been acting up too and that part has been scary for me.

That said, I’m ok being on this magical, mysterious adventure of growth and transformation and sharing … and, as always, I am learning a LOT.

On the way in to the doctor, my body ‘n me had a little chat …

It was feeling terrible so I asked it,”What are you trying to tell me here? What do you need?”

What a fascinating conversation ensued!

I asked what the pain looked like. It was a tangled bunch of thick metal rope, like cables in my belly.

I asked “Would you like to untangle? You don’t have to but if you’d like to you can.”

I envisioned pouring soothing liquid all over the tangled cables.

I then saw the pain in my head and gave it a fluffy bunny rabbit. (My favorite soothing thing. Bunnies are sooooo healing … to me, at least! What feels healing to YOU?)

scared-m&mBack to my belly. In there I saw this lil’ guy, like a cute M&M character … y’know, with the arms and the legs? He was hangin’ on, scared ‘n being tossed around a bit in the cab.

He was sayin’ that the doctor won’t be able to help him and he was afraid.

I gave him the fluffy bunny to hold onto and he sat with his feet straight out, arms wrapped around the bunny and that felt comforting.

This whole thing I just described felt so very soothing.

Note to self (and to you, my beloved reader-friend!) …

Envisioning the pain … Not calling it bad but just noticing … Where it is, what color, size and shape it is … What it feels like, what it looks like … What it’s saying and what is needed in order to sooth or heal it … This is very useful.

PS: Wanna hear somethin’ funny?

The neurologist asked me to remember these three things and in a few minutes he’d ask me again, right?

So he says “One, Ohio … two, (something else which I can’t remember) … and three, a red balloon.”

Then he asks me all of these math questions and has me put my arms up and down and all this and then asks me to tell him the three things.

I say, in all seriousness …

1. Ohio
2. I can’t remember
3. somethin’ about fluffy bunnies?

I laugh when I think of it because I’m tellin’ you guys, I was so sure that he said somethin’ about fluffy bunnies! When he told me it was a red balloon, it rang a bell but prior to his reminding me, I had no clue.

Fluffy bunnies! lol He musta thought either I was joking or I’d lost my damned mind!

Love and hugs,