“You are the steward of your special qualities and talents. The world would be diminished if it lacked your magnificence.”

— Ernest Chu


I’m about to tell you a secret. It’s one I’ve been hiding for a long, long time. But first …

The dream …

My boyfriend always asks, “What is your dream? What would you do if you didn’t need to make a living?” I’ve heard him ask this hundreds of times. Most people share that they would do something else, a far cry from what they are currently doing.

For me, it’s different. I would still design. It’s in my soul. I love my clients. I love to create for them.

When I design, it’s like birthday cake and Christmas morning all wrapped into one. Something just radiates out of me and feels soooo good … inspiration and magic carry me. It’s part of my essence to do this.

One at a time …

In the fall of 2010, amidst intense pain, I took on a rush job … and had one of the most smooth-flowing, positive design experiences ever … which left my beautiful client saying that I was “fast, creative, responsive, over-delivering, professional, dedicated, involved, committed and on top of it all a fun and fabulous person.”

Fast? Responsive? Over-delivering? When I was so ill?

Yes. Because I was committed to her while also honoring self. I was so sick that I had to choose only one project to focus on. (This from a girl who has always juggled at least ten times that number of projects at a time!)

This time, I was listening to the guidance of my body … restoring with rest and self care when I needed to … then focusing my energy fully on my client when I was rejuvenated. It was a dance.

Doing this, I was able to naturally flow and create a connected and positive experience and beautiful results for her. Rather than juggling clients and pushing to get multiple projects out, she got my full attention when it was at its best … when I was rested and rejuvenated and in positive energy.

In this experience was the seed of transformation … inspiring me to create a brand new way of working which is both good for me and good for my clients. More about that in a minute …

Now, what about that secret?