Yearning for caring, professional guidance with your heart-based message, image or web site?

Col McGunnigle, Graphic Designer

Receive insights and inspiration,
answers, strategies, how-to’s and
step-by-step guidance in a laser-focused
Muse Infusion.

How would it feel to have a knowledgeable, intuitive and completely supportive teammate to answer questions, share powerful techniques and brainstorm together to find the perfect result for YOU?

A Muse Infusion is one-on-one personal attention and guidance. Together we create a clear plan of action … and before we’re through, we may even begin implementing some of the ideas!

Tap directly into inspiration, support and brilliant results!

Your Muse Infusion is 50 minutes of private attention, completely customized and laser-focused on exactly what YOU most want and need. I combine both skill (see my training / background) AND intuition to create a rich, supportive, empowering and impactful experience for you.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Who are my ideal clients and where do I find them?
  • How do I create a space where people who are a perfect match to what I offer feel compelled to work with me?
  • Is it possible to merge my business and my spirit ...
    and to convey that on my web site?
  • What is my next step ... and where do I find the knowledge and resources I need in order to take it?
  • I started my business all enthusiastic and inspired ...
    but now am losing steam. Help!
  • Can I tailor my message to a select group of people without alienating other prospective clients?
    (Note: I have the answer and you're going to love it!)

If so, a Muse Infusion may be exactly what you need!

Learn how to …

  • Infuse your web site with your personal energy.
  • Create a flow that both engages and guides visitors through your web site … to your desired result!
  • Add what’s missing … fix what’s broken …
    tweak what’s no longer working for you.
  • Streamline your copy and clarify your message …
    for cohesive communication.
  • Maintain strong connections … that turn into
    mutually profitable business relationships.
  • Make your web site magnetic to your ideal client …
    and connect with people past the first click!
  • Integrate interactive features and social media activities into your blog ... for engaging exchanges!
  • Make your web site more search-engine-friendly.
  • Work with your favorite people … and have a ton of fun!
  • Determine whether the visual Law of Attraction is working to your benefit … and how to unleash it!
  • Explore, brainstorm, hatch a plan ...
    Just let me know what you need and together
    we'll create a way to make it happen!
  • Tune in, tap in and get inspired!

Ready? Here's how it works . . .

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  2. My team contacts you within 1 business day to schedule your Muse Infusion. Spots fill up quickly and there's often a waiting list so I’d love for you to reserve your time with me today and we’ll get you right onto my schedule!

  3. You receive a pre-session Muse Infusion mini-worksheet to guide us in setting an intention, making certain your questions are addressed and targeting your most desired outcome.

  4. We meet for 50 minutes by telephone or webinar. If you'd like, I'll record the conversation so you can go back and listen as many times as you want.

  5. By the end of our session, you have a clear plan of action, answers to your how-to questions, tangible steps you can put into place immediately ... and a dose of inspiration. We may even begin implementing some of our ideas on the call!

Ready to receive
an infusion of insight and guidance
with your heart-based
message, image or web site?

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Graphic Designer Colleen McGunnigle


I look forward to exploring together and creating the perfect result for YOU!

Colleen McGunnigle



Rave reviews:

Coach Susan Castaneda

Susan Castaneda
Equine Alchemy Southwest

" With flair and panache, Colleen offered a model of attracting and engaging with potential clients in which I could exist in a state of grace. Her quiet, yet powerful intuition led me to my own Truth ... my authentic Purpose.  Through my connection with Colleen, I have been able to relinquish limiting patterns and beliefs, explore how I might connect with my authentic self and power, and translate those experiences into what I offer to my clients. Part of me was being reborn, and Colleen accompanied me, sharing her artistic and intuitive wisdom with me on my journey from the past to a brave new world.

Working with Colleen to bring authenticity to my message has been more than logo and web design; it has been a journey into my deepest self, led by a visionary, herself bold, warm and intuitive. Colleen set in motion a new way of Being by inviting me to engage, to connect, to reach for the moon — and by creating a sacred space of possibility, she inspired a belief that I could do it.

Colleen embodies
a sacred space of possibility.

Coach Cheryl Van Note

Cheryl Van Note
Inspiration Java

"Colleen had the inspired vision to create my dream and work with me as a partner, contributing wonderful ideas and insights throughout the design process. Working with her meant my vision was carefully modeled, artistically formed, intuitively designed and creatively developed to draw my ideal client and I together for a perfect positive experience.

It's no surprise that she's an award winning artist with over 20 years of graphic design and web development experience. Perhaps it's her insight and passion for each project that makes her such a delightful partner. Perhaps it's her incredible vision that makes you feel so confident that your website is in the perfect hands! You can trust Colleen to take each detail of your project very seriously! She will sprinkle it with her creative genius, season it with her artistic flair and embrace it with her loving touch, making your web site stand apart and shine."

Coach Morgana Rae

Morgana Rae
Financial Alchemy

"Colleen is a genius! I couldn't believe what she came up with for me. It's all so beautiful and powerful. She blends intuition, enthusiasm and astonishing skill; and she is the kindest and most uplifting person to work with. I'm so glad I found her!"

Coach Elyse Hope Killoran
Elyse Hope Killoran
Soul-Aligned Business Collaborative

"Col, I am deeply appreciative of your partnership in this journey as we have created something incredibly powerful. I know that the positive energy that you have brought to this project will come back to you tenfold. I do so appreciate your commitment to getting this exactly right as I expect large numbers of people to be receiving a powerful energy infusion while meditating on these images. And I will be sure to sing your praises when I unveil them - you've done such an excellent job in bringing my vision to life!"