Clients say ...

Life Coach Morgana Rae

Morgana Rae
Financial Alchemy

“Colleen is a genius!
I couldn't believe what she came up with for me. It's all so beautiful and powerful. She blends intuition, enthusiasm and astonishing skill; and she is the kindest and most uplifting person to work with. I'm so glad I found her!”

Life Coach Eva Gregory

Eva Gregory
Leading Edge Coaching

“Col, you so rock the planet! You read my mind and give me something even better than I can imagine for myself! You are an amazingly creative, intuitive bright light and gentle spirit. You see in to my essence to create the perfect graphics / look / feel and are a pleasure to work with. You can envision what I want even when I can't express it myself!!”

Life Coach Sherrie Austin

Sherrie Austin
365 Days of Gratitude

“I just picked up the book cover you designed and illustrated for me. It looks so good, it looks so good, it looks so good, it looks so good! It's FABULOUS. My heart is just so joyous over the whole thing. Huge double high-five to you for this. You are SO phenomenal. I don't know exactly who to thank for the fact that you have come into my life and provided the gifts that you did but I thank whoever that is!”

“The very first time Col sent me drafts, I was amazed. She completely nailed it! I don’t know how she does it! My nickname for her is the design channeler because somehow she just knows how to go in and find out what it is that you really want. I've hired her multiple times and I just really, really appreciate the time she took to get to know me and to find out what would work for me. That's very rare. I’m a huge fan!"

Nancy Marmolejo
Profitable Essence

Life Coach Susan Castaneda

Susan Castaneda
Equine Alchemy Southwest

"With flair and panache, Colleen offered a model of attracting and engaging with potential clients in which I could exist in a state of grace. Her quiet, yet powerful intuition led me to my own Truth ... my authentic Purpose. Through my connection with Colleen, I have been able to relinquish limiting patterns and beliefs, explore how I might connect with my authentic self and power, and translate those experiences into what I offer to my clients. Part of me was being reborn, and Colleen accompanied me, sharing her artistic and intuitive wisdom with me on my journey from the past to a brave new world.

Working with Colleen to bring authenticity to my message has been more than logo and web design; it has been a journey into my deepest self, led by a visionary, herself bold, warm and intuitive. Colleen set in motion a new way of Being by inviting me to engage, to connect, to reach for the moon — and by creating a sacred space of possibility, she inspired a belief that I could do it.

Colleen embodies a sacred space of possibility.”


“What attracted me to Colleen in the first place was her ability to create inspiring websites that are easy to navigate. I didn't realize at the time that she would work with me so closely as to put together a site that spoke my intentions, motivations, and dreams so accurately. The final design of my site still thrills and excites not only me, but my visitors, too.”


“Col, I loved working with you because you are so warm, like-minded, and genuine. You made the process seem easy even in the beginning when the vision was just being born. I am used to doing things for myself, but decided I wanted to invest in having a professional website that would attract clients and show I am serious about my passion.

Your artistic abilities combined with Nick's technical help and support were a perfect fit for me. He went out of his way on the weekend to take care of a technical issue, and made me feel like it was no big deal for him to do so.

I will highly recommend you to anyone that is looking for a designer and will definitely be utilizing your services in the future. There isn't anything I would change or improve. You are the best! Thanks again Col! Lots of light to you! ”

Julie Neese
Natural Abundance Life Coaching

Life Coach  Mary Allen

Mary Allen
Life Coach Mary

“Colleen designed my newsletter SoulFULLY Living, and I'm constantly enjoying feedback from everyone on how much they LOVE the ezine, particularly the graphics and layout. They always ask, 'WHO did your design work?' She took my ideas, added her magic and created something unique, representative of me, and something my subscribers love!! I've done many other projects with Colleen and can say she is highly effective, consistently creating superior and unique concepts and working til the result is achieved. And, her warm, friendly nature makes her a pleasure to do business with. I highly recommend her!”

Prosperity Coach Elyse Hope Killoran

Elyse Hope Killoran
Soul-Aligned Business Collaborative

“I am deeply appreciative of your partnership in this journey as we have created something incredibly powerful. I know that the positive energy that you have brought to this project will come back to you tenfold. I do so appreciate your commitment to getting this exactly right as I expect large numbers of people to be receiving a powerful energy infusion while meditating on these images. And I will be sure to sing your praises when I unveil them - you've done such an excellent job in bringing my vision to life!”

“I owe the world to Colleen for making my graphics absolutely represent who I am so that my clients can connect more easily with me and in return I can impact their lives more deeply.”

Mary Allen
America's Inner Peace Coach

Life Coach Cheryl Van Note

Cheryl Van Note
Inspiration Java

“Colleen had the inspired vision to create my dream and work with me as a partner, contributing wonderful ideas and insights throughout the design process. Working with her meant my vision was carefully modeled, artistically formed, intuitively designed and creatively developed to draw my ideal client and I together for a perfect positive experience. It's no surprise that she's an award winning artist with over 20 years of graphic design and web development experience. Perhaps it's her insight and passion for each project that makes her such a delightful partner. Perhaps it's her incredible vision that makes you feel so confident that your website is in the perfect hands! You can trust Colleen to take each detail of your project very seriously! She will sprinkle it with her creative genius, season it with her artistic flair and embrace it with her loving touch, making your web site stand apart and shine.”


Coach Carrie Greene

Carrie Greene
CarrieThru Coaching

“Col, when I think of you and the work you did on the sales page you designed for The 3 C's Boot Camp this is what comes to mind ... fast, creative, responsive, over-delivery, professional, dedicated, involved, committed and on top of it all a fun and fabulous person. Thank you for taking my hazy thoughts and ideas and turning them into visuals that convey the promise and excitement of The 3 C's Boot Camp.”


“After experiencing some of the horrors that can be associated with finding, keeping and working with a good web site developer, Colleen came to our rescue.

Not only has she satisfied our goals in terms of the overall design and functionality of the web site, she has been a great value-add in every way. Her flair for design, her professionalism, her sincere desire to deliver exactly what the customer wants, her dedication to do things to the best of her ability, her integrity and trustworthiness, and her knowledge of the industry have proven she was the best person for the job!

She has continually demonstrated patience with our limited computer knowledge, and ambition for delivering an excellent web site that will be user friendly and aesthetically appealing. We are looking forward to working with her on future projects, as well!”

Making Memories

"I have found Colleen's work to be sensitive and thought provoking. She manages to tap directly into the emotional life behind the images and bring a fresh edge to an already existent and highly artistic foundation.”

Joseph DeSane
Once Around Productions