Turning It Around

Life begins where fear ends —Osho

“An unquestioned mind is the only suffering.”
—Byron Katie

Thought appears:
“The pain is incessant.”

Is that true?

“No. Actually, the pain feels incessant, with pockets of relief.”
(Notice that feels better, remembering that there are pockets of relief.)

How do you feel when you think that thought, “The pain is incessant”?


Who would you be without that thought?

“Free. Resting when I feel pain, dancing with life when I feel relief.”

Turn it around …

“The pain is not incessant.”
or the more creative turnaround (a-la-Sue-Elliot)
“Relief is incessant, with pockets of pain.”
(Aaah yes, now that one makes me laugh. Laughing is good.)

“No one can give you freedom but you.”
—Byron Katie

Finding freedom in this way is called “doing The Work.”

Listen to Ann, Sue and me, as we use The Work of Byron Katie to dissipate the fearful thought “I won’t be able to relax” (fear of something in the future … in this case, a fear of spiders) … with laughter, as always!

Watch Katie doing The Work on fear, below. At first it may seem odd but stick with it— It brings relief.


  • Find out more about The Work in The Little Book. It’s an easy read!
  • Download the worksheets below to turn around your thoughts on:
    Others or Your Body or Your Beliefs
  • Dive into one of these life-changing books …


  1. Oh Coll, I love the way you turn things around! Thank you again for lifting my spirits!

  2. Awesome! You do make it soooo easy to understand and apply!

    • High fives on that! I know that you are a master processor yourself, girl! 🙂 It’s great to look at things from alternate viewpoints … Whether or not we agree with them, just the looking opens up our energy.

  3. My love for you is incessant….

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