The Story of Unity

"Exponential time is like dropping a pebble into the pond.   Centrifugal rings ripple out in all directions.  As the rings from me ripple out and, for instance someone else’s rings are rippling out,  as they intersect, it creates alchemy."  —Almine

View the vibrationally infused image Unity.

This week, I was wanting some music. I was going to to create some new imagery to represent various essences we could embody and pulse out.

I googled around to find some audio tracks which were on a deeper level but nothing was speaking to me or feeling meaningful enough. I said to myself, “I wish that I knew the composer so I could discern whether their intentions were in alignment with mine.”

It felt important that the person were mindful of the energy they were putting out into the world because my artwork is intended for that purpose.

Mere moments later, David Hykes, who I had done a few Harmonic Presence sessions with, e-mailed me completely randomly and absolutely out of the blue, to share with me a link to what I would call an absolute *abundance* of his toning music, meditations and audios.

It is *wild* to me that, without knowing my intention or my “call to the universe / God / spirit / whatever name you like to use,” he instantly honored my request without being aware that I had even made such a request.

“Isn’t life grand?” comes to me, as I channel somebody’s great grandmother!  😉

I was listening to “Unity Meditation” from David Hykes’ album Harmonic Meditations as I welcomed the vibrationally infused image Unity to the world. I am truly blessed.

“We are birthing a new way of living. We are immovably still … sending standing waveforms of influence … the way a pebble drops into a pond. It forms an activation into the field around you bringing actualization into the field of possibilities.”

Much love,


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