The Story of Grounded


Grounded — Vibrationally Infused Imagery — “I am with me, my fragments are pulled together into cohesion because I stopped and fell into sync with Earth and Sky by doing nothing. It wasn’t a work of meditation; it was spontaneous connection that stopped Time, even while the Sun rose up to where the Maple and the Oak were arching their blessings over me.”  ― Kat Westcott — Order a deck of inspirational cards:

It began quite unexpectedly many years ago when a precious friend of mine took her own life.

For the longest time I struggled with my feelings around this shocking event. I myself felt excruciatingly devastated and beyond that, my heart wept for her husband. If I were experiencing the sort of intensity of emotion that I was, I couldn’t even begin to imagine what he must have been feeling.

I started going to therapy. My emotions overtook me and at one point I suddenly declared, “I FEEL LIKE LYING DOWN ON THE FLOOR.”

At the time it felt like a strange idea. And I love it that my therapist replied, “Go ahead.”

So I laid down flat on the solid floor.

When I did this, I immediately tuned into a deep sense of groundedness and found some sort of solace in that. It’s difficult to describe but the experience of it was so strong.

”The really, really best way to ground is to have nothing (or as little as possible) between you and the ground/Earth. Go barefoot on the beach or in the grass. Lie on the lawn (keeping your clothes on in most places!) If you are in a building, close your eyes and imagine reaching through the manmade structures into the earth.

Once touching, or connected with the earth, FEEL it. Feel how solid it is. Feel the stability. Feel the support. Feel the nurturing. Feel the resilience. Feel how it absorbs and transforms toxic energies and returns to us a fresh pristine energy. The energy of beginning once again. The earth provides all of these things to physical humans.

Connect with the earth as often as possible, even if only in your mind. Nothing ever separates us from the energy of our earth home, but it is easier for us to feel and understand the connection when we remove physical barriers and allow ourselves to touch and feel through our skin the nature that is earth.”

― Carrie Mayes

Two years ago I went to see a naturopath from California. There were certain remedies she wanted me to take but what stood out most was her suggestion, “You need to get the grass beneath your feet.”

Something in this advice felt wise and True.

Then last year, in addition to the change in my food plan, Dr. Diamond prescribed that I go to the beach three times a week. Again, I sensed deep truth in this that belied the seeming simplicity of the directions.

These days, if I’m feeling intense emotion I will lie face down on the ground, arms outstretched. I realize how absolutely kooky this may sound but the feeling of that expanse of earth so solid beneath my arms and my body is soothing beyond words.

“Yesterday I was watering the garden and became aware of so much tension in my solar plexus. Nothing new, but lately I’ve been aware of the causes and hindrances related to that super-tight, locked-down sense of anxiety in this place that is meant to be my sunny center of trust in the Universe. I learn and I learn, I release and release, and on most days another seemingly paper-thin layer
lifts a corner and starts to peel away as I am blatantly shown yet again that it’s safe to trust — like a kindergartener getting another demonstration of how to tie a shoe—via yet another of the myriad tiny synchronicities and serendipities that grace my days.

But as I was noticing this tightness that is there, it was accompanied by a craving to lie down on my stomach in the grass. It was a strong urge, countered by an almost equally strong curiosity as to what the neighbors would think and whether I could truly relax with that question weighing on my mind. I thought about hugging a private tree in the back woods instead, but realized right away that the idea was a cop out. This was Earth calling me to heal, to lie against her, belly to belly.”

― Kat Westcott

A few days ago my friend Elli sent a video to me. In it, physician Laura Koniver* recommended grounding at least ten minutes a day and described the rationale from a physical standpoint.

Once again, this felt right to me.

So I lie in the sun on the grass or the beach for 20 minutes each day and fully take in the comforting and grounding feeling of connecting to the earth. I envision it pulling out of me and neutralizing pain or anything else that I’d like to release.

There’s something in this for me … and (dare I say?) for all of us …

“As a physician I have done the research and found out some of the scientific explanations for these comforting, grounding, centering and often joyous experiences with the earth.

The earth’s surface is negatively charged, full of free electrons willing and waiting for us. As human beings every single one of us is chock full of free radicals that cause inflammation and damage, causing our bodies to have a net positive charge.

The earth is meant to be a docking station for us, a port we can plug into to receive a head-to-toe, inside and out neutralization of this inflammation. The earth and humans are yin and yang ― just like trees provide oxygen and we provide carbon dioxide, the earth provides negative electrons and we provide positive free radicals and together we live in neutral joyous harmony.”

― Laura Koniver, MD

The following morning, while looking for something entirely different, I stumbled upon an audio by Aleya Dao and it was called Grounding. I knew that an image wanted to be born. So here we are!

“I wonder if the whole world stopped, if people everywhere just stopped, bellies to the ground, how many minutes
would it take to heal?”

― Kat Westcott

* Bonus shot of synchronicity:

As I was writing this, I couldn’t remember who created the video I mentioned, so I had typed “so-and-so” as a placeholder for the doctor’s name in this story.

I did that, then promptly let it go.

When I don’t stress over the hows, don’t chase information, and just allow it all to unfold, before long the info I need is placed right on my lap. Every time.

Although I’ve collected hundreds of quotes over the years, I surprisingly had none about grounding. How unusual! I’m the girl with wise words at the tips of her fingers.

So I wrote a few friends.

Sue responded, not to give me a quote but to say, “Laura Koniver, MD, has a wonderful free ebook about Earthing (grounding) from a physical health perspective.”

For a split second I felt disappointed … No quote.

Later it smacked me in the face DING DING DING DING! That was the answer to the question I had never even asked aloud. Whose video had I just written about and whose name had become the place-holder “so-and-so” because I simply could not remember it? Laura Koniver.


Enjoy the comforting essence of Grounded.

Much love,

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