Ugly Drinks and Dynamic Laws of Healing

Ugliest Drink I've Ever Loved

“Only good shall come from this.”
–Catherine Ponder

Cheers to the ugliest drink I’ve ever loved … Baby spinach ‘n strawberry smoothie, you have my heart!

I’m totally good emotionally yet have been playing hostess to some interesting visitors who just rolled into town unexpectedly this week …

Welcome, pain in my hip that feels like I’m a voodoo doll being stuck with an ice pick and buckles my knee at random intervals … I’ve met you before … Welcome back!

And my newest visitor, pain in my jaw which makes it hurt to eat or talk.

Upon meeting my latest guests, first I slept ‘n slept ‘n slept (which always seems to help in some weird way!)

I woke to realize the pain in my jaw occurred any time I attempted to chew, so I promptly decided the universe wanted me to have a beautiful Ninja blender and to drink green smoothies from cute little heart straws. This felt delightful!

As all superfantastic ideas should!

Thank you, universe!

Right after this began, Marigrace blessed me with a visit. I’m tellin’ ya, there was magic in the room as she read to me from the book Mario suggested I get, The Dynamic Laws of Healing by Catherine Ponder.

I had to love him for adding, “If your brain is giving you trouble reading, see if you can find an audio version.” How did he know? Moments of somebody getting it without even being prompted are so welcome and like a great big hug and instant connection.

Big gratitude for that and for this book, which it turns out, I ADORE! I sorta knew I would. It’s all about the spiritual laws of healing and how healing power is inside each of us, which I believe.

As I heard Marigrace’s soothing voice and the words flowed over me, I felt my heart opening more and more and this sense of radiant hopefulness surrounded me in a warm embrace.

The Dynamic Laws of Healing: Intro


Above I’m sharing with you the intro to this magical book, read for me (and for us all!) by the beautiful Marigrace Dineen …

Hugs and big love to her … and to YOU!





  1. First of all, this is the most beautiful blog post environment in which I have ever had the pleasure of landing. If ever I decide to have my own website, I know who will design it for me!!!

    The torn page at the end of the bog can be either that or a distant horizon. I love both.

    Marigrace has such a rich and warm voice, perfect for easy listening. Her voice matches her name. As I lay in bed at an early hour this morning, this reading is what I awoke to, and my first adventure into the world this morning will be to a bookstore. My 84-year-old mother will receive this book for Christmas.

    Col, may this little book and it’s healing force of grace carry you to wholeness on the luminous tones and colours of the voice and cherished friendship of Marigrace.

    Healing to wholeness has come to me too, on this glorious still-dark first morning of increased light and longer days following the Winter Solstice 2013. Thank you, smiling hearts entwined, for this post!

    • Aw, precious one, I just stumbled upon your sweet words and wanted to respond, so very many years later. (I don’t know what happened years ago, did I miss it? Either way, so happy to see this now. No mistakes. ) I hope that your beautiful mother loved the book. I am wanting to revisit it now. Love to you!

  2. I love listening to Marigrace’s voice and the surprise/suspense/intrigue she conveys as she reads. I went on a green juice frenzy with my Vitamix several years ago. Overloading on green juice has its own side effects, as I discovered, so I try to keep it in moderation.

    The premise of this book reminds me of what Anita Moorjani talks about in Dying to Be Me, the idea that “disease” is related to our own journeys and density and that we could “heal” ourselves with self-love.

    Thanks for posting about this book. I will definitely check it out.

  3. Maria (aka "Hun") says:

    Beeeeutiful!! Your words, Ponder’s words, and my cousin’s voice…Can’t wait to hear more as well as see the results – in you!! Much love…

  4. Thank you for this! I love Catherine Ponder and I
    Was looking for some healing affirmations from her when
    I came upon your blog. I am laying in bed and having Marigrace come over and read to me 😉 was a beautiful
    Gift. Now I will have to make a green juice as well. Thanks again

    • I so appreciate your writing, Laura, and am glad you found me and this post. The book is just amazing and feels so “everything is gonna be alright” in this magical sorta way. And … So how was your green juice? 😉 PS: You can print out a quote from Catherine Ponder here: … I’ll be adding more as the months go by …

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