“Every ‘negative’ experience
holds the seed of transformation.”

— Alan Cohen


Do you believe in …

  • Metamorphosis: Allowing beauty and life to naturally emerge from something which was formerly seen as “negative”
  • Self care: Alternating between creating and rejuvenating
  • Flow: Dancing with the flow of life vs fighting it or forcing it to be something else
  • Radical honesty: Coming clean and being candid about what’s going on for you … while looking for the gift in each situation
  • Trust: Being willing to put yourself out there, knowing that the ones who are in alignment with you will stay … and opening your hands, allowing anything else to fall away
  • Listening: Opening to inspiration and paying attention to what your inner voice is telling you
  • Adventure: Delighting in the fact that the world is a playground of growth and learning … and we are on an amazing journey together … each a character in the other’s play
  • Experimentation: Being willing to try on something new, knowing that everything works itself out when you listen and follow internal guidance
  • Focus: Narrowing down the field and choosing a few select things to share your full energy with
  • Truth: Following what your heart says rather than forcing things to be a certain way because they “should” be that way or because “that’s the way everyone does it”
  • Transformation: Knowing that all is well and you are safe … that everything happens for a reason … and looking for the seed of transformation in each experience … even the so-called “negative” ones

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