Clearing and Creating

Clearing and Creating (artwork and eft): Butterfly painting by Col McGunnigleCommissioned painting, created with love for Dom

I’m sharing with you a little bit of behind-the-scenes, in hopes that it will be helpful to someone.

Creation is so very healing …

I’ve been painting for over 30 years. Recently I’ve been dancing with chronic illness, which brings to my doorstep thoughts like, “I can’t do this. It’s gonna look like a two year old did this” … even though I love to paint and have even given private lessons in, what? oh yes, how to paint! 😉

When I sit down to create, I surround myself with healing music and do eft (an energy technique which research has shown to be successful in helping people with many conditions including post traumatic stress.)

This has the effect of clearing and releasing the things which were holding me back, including those silly thoughts I just mentioned.

While painting this butterfly, I was listening to Snatam Kaur — Ra Ma Da Sa from Sacred Chants for Healing.

Creating feels wildly magical and opening and healing to me … the energy I feel while I’m in this process is remarkable.

I share this in hopes that someone reading it will receive a spark of insight, intuition or inspiration which will help them release their fears and allow them to fly.

Sketch for butterfly painting by Col McGunnigleButterfly painting by Col McGunnigleButterfly painting by Col McGunnigle


I am deeply grateful to Dom for commissioning me to do this, ordering a soul signature painting from my fundrazr page, letting me know exactly what he’s looking for and giving me the opportunity to open to this experience of exploring and releasing boundaries.

Love to you!


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