“Lost” Loved Ones

(via inspiremetoday.com) This article comes from the heart of my beautiful friend Sue Elliott, Founder of Law of Attraction Magazine. Sue says …  During the holidays, many of us become acutely aware of “lost” loved ones — family members, friends and colleagues who are no longer with us in physical form. So, instead of experiencing the holidays…   Read More

Turning It Around

“An unquestioned mind is the only suffering.” —Byron Katie Thought appears: “The pain is incessant.” Is that true? “No. Actually, the pain feels incessant, with pockets of relief.” (Notice that feels better, remembering that there are pockets of relief.) How do you feel when you think that thought, “The pain is incessant”? “Hopeless.” Who would…   Read More

Shadow Boxer, Baby

Today I realized it … I’ve been shadow boxing most’a my life. It occurred to me just this morning, when I noticed myself having a mental conversation with someone who wasn’t even there. Not in a looney-tunes way, in the same way so many of us do. It usually comes in the form of either…   Read More

Activating Thoughts:
Inviting the Monkeys to Tea

“It is the nature of the monkey-mind to jump about and chatter.” Once upon a time there was a monkey. A lonely little mischievous monkey, wandering around all by himself in the big city, with a tiny little suitcase containing all of his worldly possessions. Or at least the most important ones …

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