Birth of an Image

Discover more Inner Wisdom Cards. A friend once asked, “How do you create these images?” I realized as I sat with the question that it is so difficult to put words to what I do since it’s such a flowing and intuitive process. It’s in my heart and my soul to create these. To me,…   Read More

Ugly Drinks and Dynamic Laws of Healing

“Only good shall come from this.” –Catherine Ponder Cheers to the ugliest drink I’ve ever loved … Baby spinach ‘n strawberry smoothie, you have my heart! I’m totally good emotionally yet have been playing hostess to some interesting visitors who just rolled into town unexpectedly this week … Welcome, pain in my hip that feels…   Read More

Riding the Wave: Being the Chooser

What Works: Taking a moment to rise up for the big-picture overview, and then choosing … The sooooo-sick has been comin’ in waves. I’ve always wanted to be a surfer. When somebody asks how I’m doing these days, I say with a smile, “Ridin’ the waves, ridin’ the waves!” I have no idea if they…   Read More

Joy of a Playful Heart

The scene: On our way back from my echocardiogram/chest x-ray bonanza, another beyoooootiful doctors’ office to experience. (Since when do doctors have offices that look like hotel lounges anyway? Seriously! Can I live here?) I’m known to take pictures of MANY things that delight me. People. Presents. Birthday cakes. Dinners. Drinks. MUFFINS …

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In Optimism There Is Magic

  The Fun Report: Yesterday my parents (bless their hearts!) took me out on a 15-minute excursion for the first time in a long, long while (to the pharmacy, wheee! ) While I was there, I decided to explore the drug store for something playful and fun that I could get for my inner child.  I…   Read More