Breathing Life into a Dream

"There is something that is uniquely yours to be up to right now ..."  — Bobbye MiddendorfSee the whole collection of Inner Wisdom Cards

I share these cards with the intention that you feel inspired, lifted and transformed … and remember who you truly are … a powerful being and a beautiful gift to this world!

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Inner Wisdom Cards

Whenever I read something which inspires me, calls me to grow or lifts me in some way, it’s my nature to create something from it, to ground the message I received.

When creating these cards, I experienced a pure, uplifting and healing energy that erases density and transmutes whatever is going on around me. If I could share this feeling with everyone, I would in a heartbeat because it is pure magic.

This is why I created these cards for you, for me, and for us all.

Details and a Small Sampling

The entire deck consists of 48 Inner Wisdom Cards plus 6 informational cards suggesting various ways you can use the deck for opening to guidance, healing life issues and energetically seeding the future.

Inner Wisdom Cards

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Birth of a Dream

I held this dream in my heart for nearly a decade, to create a deck of inspirational cards to share with the world.

You’ve heard the phrase “set it and forget it” yes? Well this is exactly what I did. I stated my intentions and then dropped all thoughts of how I would reach this dream.

Actually, if I’m being honest, at the time it felt a bit farfetched. After all, didn’t you need to spend a gazillion hours (turns out I spent over a hundred, no lie! That’s what happens when something’s a labor of love) … plus come up with tons of money to order the minimum quantity a printer will agree to run for a custom job like this?

So I enjoyed the delight of this flight of fancy, the notion of creating this custom deck … and set it on the back burner, not really thinking too much about it.

Years later, Elyse Hope Killoran would casually toss out, “Write it down and put it on a card!” when sharing an especially juicy bit of wisdom. Looking back, I’m pretty sure she meant “write it with a pen on an index card” but it must have perked up some seed that had been planted in me. I honestly didn’t even connect it with my dream but I very naturally began making these cards and sharing them with Elyse’s group.

A series of synchronicities and inspired-action steps transpired, a very natural giving and receiving of our talents and energies between Elyse and I. One day I will share these with you too … It’s a pretty interesting tale. But long story short, I suddenly realized, to my surprise, that I had created nearly enough cards for an entire deck.

It was then that I remembered having put my dream out to the universe all those years ago. I have no idea why I didn’t put two and two together as this was evolving but I believe that it had to be this way … The lack of pressure is, for me, essential to creation.

Deep Gratitude

I am so incredibly grateful to YOU for taking the time to read my story and considering joining me … to everyone who’s loved and supported me on this journey … everyone who’s shared what they see in the images and how they’ve been touched, moved or transformed … and everyone who’s encouraged me to bring this dream to life during this last leg, once I realized the dream was here within reach.

For me, a hundred hours of creation is nothing but the last little bit is where I sometimes falter … when I’m nearly about to turn the corner and see the finish line. So thank you to the dear ones who have taken my hand during this last bit and pulled me over the finish line. To say that I love and appreciate you doesn’t at all do justice to what I feel in my heart.

I’d love for you to order your own set of inspirational
Inner Wisdom Cards!

Much love,



PS: My ongoing health adventure has taken me away from my computer screen and graphic design career. Anyone ordering a deck of Inner Wisdom Cards contributes to my treatment fund, and has my infinite love and gratitude.

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