Birth of an Image

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” —Mary Oliver

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A friend once asked, “How do you create these images?”

I realized as I sat with the question that it is so difficult to put words to what I do since it’s such a flowing and intuitive process.

It’s in my heart and my soul to create these.
To me, it’s like breathing.

Years ago I created from scratch an image that looked like water, a flowing ocean, and my boyfriend asked me to teach him how I did it.

I could not.

The next day I sat down to create, making notes of each step I took, so I could then share it with him and it would be repeatable … but it wound up being counterproductive.

Minding and marking each step, I could no longer create. Turns out, emptying the mind of thought and following spirit were essential to my creative process.

Who knew!

Back then I thought it was “bad” that I could not describe what I had done but I now see it as a gift. When this occurs, it’s a sign that I was in spirit and truly immersed in the process, following what was being called forth from me.

These days I bask in the sounds and essences of the concept that’s inspiring me to create and simply follow the energy, doing whatever comes to me to be done. I use a variety of techniques which span centuries, a merging of old and new.

My work is an amalgam …
a blending of tools and processes.

I’m a classically trained artist so in my toolbox are the skills of drawing and painting and all of the traditional ways of bringing imagery to life.

Ten years after receiving my BA in fine art, I went on to study graphic design for four additional years at Parsons School of Design, adding to my toolbox the skills of generating object-oriented, mathematical vector art and painting with digital airbrushes and fractals and many other things, too many to name.

I’ve been doing this since 1989 so I’ve gathered an awful lot of tools! I use all of these skills in the imagery I create and it’s just intuitive, which technique to use in which moment.

Creating imagery, whether traditional or digital … or my vibrationally infused images which are a hybrid of techniques … always feels so joyful to me.

No matter where I begin or how it evolves, the imagery almost always eventually winds up on my computer screen. Mark Humphrey calls it Digital Mixed Media and that description feels right to me.

Even if I’m creating purely fine art, I’m still blessed to have learned the skills of a graphic designer because I know how to translate the imagery I create to a web site where I can share it more freely and where someone can choose a special piece to hang in their space.

Years ago, you’d buy a framed piece from the wall of a gallery. Today, the world is our gallery!

More than anything, how I create art is to immerse myself
in the energy of an idea and then to follow spirit.

Creating, for me, is an opening and a following inspired action and a delight in what evolves into being. It’s pure joy and love and light and energy.

I hope that you feel this when you view my work.

Sending you much love and thanking you for taking an interest in my process.

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