“When you realize your connection to the world, you strengthen and support yourself in a way that benefits others and strengthens and supports the world.”

— Ernest Chu


I am selecting only one design project to dance with each month.

This means if we’re working together, you will receive my full attention … my absolute best energy and focus … and beautiful, radiant design.

If you’d like to come on an adventure with me, book a
complimentary exploratory session.

You will experience the best of me because I will be creating and replenishing, creating and nurturing. I’ve already seen that I can make magic in this way.

I welcome you and promise you a journey of growth, connection and beauty … resulting in imagery which brings your dream to life, shines your light, and draws your ideal clients to you just the way that you were drawn to me.

We are a team, in a transformational, co-creative dance together … a transformational journey with beautiful results.

Much love,


UPDATE: Due to illness, I am no longer taking clients. BUT, if you have a beautiful design project on the horizon, drop me a line and I’d be happy to connect you with one of my dear friends, who is an absolutely brilliant designer!