Activating Thoughts:
Inviting the Monkeys to Tea

“It is the nature of the monkey-mind to jump about and chatter.” Once upon a time there was a monkey. A lonely little mischievous monkey, wandering around all by himself in the big city, with a tiny little suitcase containing all of his worldly possessions. Or at least the most important ones …

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I Cried

Yesterday I cried. Hard. So hard that for a moment it actually scared me. It desperately crossed my mind to change what I was feeling, to pretend I felt rosy. “I will change my story, I will change negative to positive, I will change my feelings, omg, omg I don’t want to feel sad!” These thoughts came from a fearful place. And of course, that never works …

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In Optimism There Is Magic

  The Fun Report: Yesterday my parents (bless their hearts!) took me out on a 15-minute excursion for the first time in a long, long while (to the pharmacy, wheee! ) While I was there, I decided to explore the drug store for something playful and fun that I could get for my inner child.  I…   Read More