The Story of Grounded

  It began quite unexpectedly many years ago when a precious friend of mine took her own life. For the longest time I struggled with my feelings around this shocking event. I myself felt excruciatingly devastated and beyond that, my heart wept for her husband. If I were experiencing the sort of intensity of emotion that…   Read More

Breathing Life into a Dream

See the whole collection of Inner Wisdom Cards I share these cards with the intention that you feel inspired, lifted and transformed … and remember who you truly are … a powerful being and a beautiful gift to this world! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ….   Read More

The Story of Unity

View the vibrationally infused image Unity. This week, I was wanting some music. I was going to to create some new imagery to represent various essences we could embody and pulse out. I googled around to find some audio tracks which were on a deeper level but nothing was speaking to me or feeling meaningful…   Read More

Birth of an Image

Discover more Inner Wisdom Cards. A friend once asked, “How do you create these images?” I realized as I sat with the question that it is so difficult to put words to what I do since it’s such a flowing and intuitive process. It’s in my heart and my soul to create these. To me,…   Read More

Ugly Drinks and Dynamic Laws of Healing

“Only good shall come from this.” –Catherine Ponder Cheers to the ugliest drink I’ve ever loved … Baby spinach ‘n strawberry smoothie, you have my heart! I’m totally good emotionally yet have been playing hostess to some interesting visitors who just rolled into town unexpectedly this week … Welcome, pain in my hip that feels…   Read More