Inspired Art: Healing

Sharing some artwork I created
while listening to Angel Elixirs and healing meditational soundscapes …
To truly feel the energy infused into the images, click to enlarge.

Womb of Creation imagery by Col McGunnigle

“Womb of Creation”

"Fluid Unfoldment In Grace" imagery created with love by Col McGunnigle

“Fluid Unfoldment In Grace”

"Joyous Possibility" imagery

“Joyous Possibility”

“Lungs as Wings of the Heart” imagery

“Wings of the Heart”

"Closing the Gap" imagery

“Essence of Love”

Inspired Art: Healing Past Trauma and Suppression
“Healing Trauma and Suppression”

Transformation & Miracles artwork by Col / Design by Muse

“Solar Flare: Transformation & Miracles”

Click an image to enlarge and enjoy!
(Secret: Click once. When the image opens, click again,
to bring the image even larger and bask in the full energy.)

My intention is to support, enhance and expand healing in us all.

Much love,

And below are some words to inspire you as you move through
your journey of love and healing …

Inner Wisdom Cards: Healing

Read Letting the Light In: Transforming Your Pain into Power
by Philip M. Berk, who inspires us all to use life’s darkest moments to cultivate the deepest rewards. Berk gracefully weaves together a treasury of ancient and modern spiritual wisdom along with his personal healing story. Anyone struggling with illness or looking for a clear perspective on life will find inspiration and practical wisdom in this guide.

Sandra Kring quote

Read Thank You for All Things by Sandra Kring


  1. Beautiful, just like you.

  2. Col,
    You have created such beautiful images, that just give and give and give and as I allowed myself to receive, receive, receive, I am healed on a very deep level.

    Thank you for sharing these with me!

    You are a blessings in my life,


    • What a beautiful gift your message is! What you described is so perfect! Thank you for opening to receive and for letting me know about your experience, Pj.

      Much love,

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